Looking After
Women's Health at
All Stages of Life

Women's Health Care Specialists

At Keysborough Superclinic, we care for women’s health. We are dedicated towards providing valued care with our compassionate staff. There are different types of women’s health problems and solutions. We aim to determine the problems and find effective solutions with our team of professionals.

You may have many health related questions in mind as a woman with no solution. Whether you want to talk about irregular periods, intermenstrual bleeding, breastfeeding concerns, vaginal discharge, etc. Keysborough Superclinic will be there to listen and provide answers along with solutions. We can assist you with Fertility, IVF, Pap Smear, Cervical screening, breast related issues (breast lumps and breastfeeding concerns), menstrual cycle, bleeding or vaginal discharge concerns, post-pregnancy, and checkup.

We value women’s health and fitness and will provide the best women’s health advice. We do it all to tackle the most common female health problems and let you have a fit and healthy life.

Our assistance with Major Women’s Health issues & Symptoms

1) Fertility Issues : Treating any pain during sex, long, heavy or painful periods, chronic pelvic pain, fatigue, irregular periods and spotting, dark or pale menstrual blood, hormone changes (such as weight gain, nipple discharge, facial hair, thinning hair, reduced sex drive), premature menopause, etc.

2) Breast Lumps : New lump on the underarm or breast, flaky skin or redness around the breast or nipple, pain or pulling in nipple or breast, nipple discharge (including blood), dimpling or irritation in breast skin, swelling or thickening of the breast or its part, etc.
3) IVF : In Vitro Fertilization for removing the egg from a woman’s ovaries and performing its fertilization to put the embryo or fertilized egg back to ensure fertility in women.
4) Cervical Screening : Test to ensure the health of a woman’s cervix (the opening from the vagina to the womb. This test helps prevent cancer by identifying abnormal cells and treating them early.
5) Pap Smear : Removing cells from the surface of the cervix and its surrounding area to test for cervical cancer or abnormalities in the cell (that may lead to cervical cancer) using a microscope to identify and prevent it.
6) Mammogram : Taking scans of women’s breasts to look for breast cancer or its early signs.
7) Vaginal Discharge : Checking for any abnormalities in vaginal discharge and its symptoms. Coming up with treatments to stop these symptoms.
8) Post-Pregnancy Checks : Performing postpartum checkups after delivery to ensure a complete recovery from childbirth and labor.
9) Breastfeeding Concerns : Checking for any breastfeeding issues, including sore or cracked nipples, breast engorgement, increased or decreased breast milk etc.
10) Irregular Periods & Bleeding : Addressing irregular periods or variations in the menstruation cycles, which may result from stress, hormonal changes, post or pre-pregnancy issues, etc. Also check for symptoms and reasons for abnormal vaginal bleeding to diagnose any major issues and provide treatment.

How we address the most common Female Health problems

Throughout different stages of their lives, females may face different health problems such as urinary tract infections, Breast cancer, Ovarian and Cervical Cancer, Gynecological Health issues, Pregnancy Issues, etc. These problems can’t remain unchecked as they can lead to bigger problems in the future and may become untreatable. We aim to help women by looking after women’s health problems and solutions. How do we do it?


We provide checkup sessions with our General Practitioners or nurses. They perform routine checkups and listen to your symptoms to provide their views.

Perform Tests

We also perform tests to understand your health issues and develop solutions for them. Once your reports are out, we can give you an idea of it all.

Guide Through Recovery

We take care of you throughout the problem and ensure you get a healthy recovery through different medicines & solutions.

Women's health & fitness solution

We aim to improve your quality of life by helping you stay fit and healthy throughout your life. We’ve got your back whether you have pregnancy issues or menstruation issues.Our GPs are experienced in providing solutions and women’s health & wellness advice.

You need support and strength, which is what we provide apart from health solutions. You need to consider several women’s health and fitness facts throughout your life. Whether eating habits or workouts, you need to stay aligned and follow the right path. If you are unsure of how to do it and lead a healthy life, our expert healthcare professionals can assist you with it. We provide health advice and preventative care for women.

At Keysborough Superclinic, our women’s health services encompass all your needs, from pregnancy, prenatal care, and gynecological exams to gynecological conditions that can be treated with minimal surgery required. Get in touch with us now.