GP Bulk Billing

How To Book a Bulk Billing GP​

For bulk billing appointments, you can look for GP clinics that offer this service. Finding these clinics isn’t hard when using Google or other reputable search engines.

Know all about Bulk Billing

Bulk billing is advantageous because Medicare will pay for medical services when you visit a clinic that offers this provision. The clinic will get paid on your behalf by Medicare. Finding a bulk bill medical centre isn’t hard these days and you sign a form or press “OK” on their EFTPOS terminal once the appointment is done.

It’s important to remember that Bulk billing clinics will cover your costs but this may not be applicable to all services rendered. So, when you are seeking a specific medical service during a visit to a bulk billing doctor, it is advisable to check for which ones are included in bulk billing.

Moreover, not every doctor will offer bulk billing. So, be sure to check first if the medical professional you are visiting does. To find the names of such healthcare professionals, you can use health service tools. When the doctor doesn’t offer this service, you will be required to pay for the appointment, whatever the fees are. You can always claim part of the money later on.

Steps to Claim for Medical Services

Bulk bill medical services are available to you only if you are either enrolled with Medicare or if the doctor you are visiting opts for bulk billing. If you are looking for a female doctor, for instance, you need to type in the words “female doctors near me bulk bill” and you will be provided with names of female doctors in bulk billing clinics nearest to your location.

You simply have to register and provide your Medicare card or mention the number in it when you visit a doctor at your nearest bulk bill clinic.

Bulk billing will typically cover all visits to general physicians, specialists, etc who offer bulk billing, scans and pathology tests, X-rays, and optical tests done by optometrists, etc. It’s possible to access bulk billing services if you have a healthcare card with you.

In bulk billing clinics, the doctor will send the bill directly to Medicare. He will accept Medicare rebates for payment of services rendered. The out-of-pocket charge is the difference between what the doctor charges you and the amount Medicare offers. Your doctor will advise you if there are any out-of-pocket charges.

Where to find Information on Medicare Services​

Bulk bill Medicare services are offered by many clinics in and around Australia. You will find Medicare-related services like the Australian Organ Donor Register and the Australian Immunisation Register. Medicare is the country’s universal healthcare system which is designed to assist Australians with healthcare expenses. A comprehensive list of all-available Medicare services can be found on the Services Australia site.

When you look for “GP clinic near me”, find out in advance if it offers bulk billing Medicare services. A bulk billing medical centre like Keysborough Superclinic makes it easy for Australians to enjoy easy medical access. The government pays for the Medicare system through Medicare tax. So, all working Australians will contribute to this system through income tax payments.