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Comprehensive General Practice

Covering an extensive range of general practice services with the help of primary care physicians and treating patients of all ages.

Family Planning

Helping to achieve the desired family size and birth spacing with multiple types of tests and counselling related to pregnancy and illnesses.

Antenatal Care

Providing Antenatal care during pregnancy to prevent or identify and treat high-risk pregnancies for a positive delivery experience. Read More >

Men's Health

Offering proper checkups of men’s health to ensure a healthy state of physical well-being from reproductive to sexual and general health.

Women's Health

Assisting with different types of women’s health conditions from pregnancy, and fertility to breast lumps, vaginal issues and many more. Read More >

Child Health

Ensuring a better health condition for a child through effective healthcare and providing advice on better child health. Read More >

Skin Cancer Clinic

Assisting patients with skin cancer (a disease in the body’s skin cells). Preventing or diagnosing, identifying and treating skin cancer. Read More >

Care of the Elderly

Providing elderly care and fulfilling elders’ needs and requirements unique to them leading to better health and well-being.
Read More >

Weight Management Clinic

Leads to better weight conditions by helping with weight loss, weight gain, dietary changes, behaviour modification, exercise programs, etc.

Pre-employment Medicals

Ensuring healthy staff by conducting pre-employment medical tests such as urine tests, blood sugar tests, microscopy, etc.

Full Nursing Support

Nurses for supporting patients with complete care and compassion, including vaccinations, wound care, or simply taking care of our patients.

Urgent Appointment

Please contact the clinic for any urgent appointments to see if we are able to assist. Our front desk team may have to ask you some personal medical questions to see if we are able to assist. Due to our commitment to patients who have appointments with us, we may not be able to accommodate your request. For all medical emergencies, please visit the Emergency Department at your nearest hospital.

Medical Emergencies

For all medical emergencies, for example severe chest pains or shortness of breath, please visit the Emergency Department at your nearest hospital. In cases where you require urgent attention but not an emergency response, for example, mild infections, fractures and burns, if we are unable to provide an appointment for you, please visit your local Priority Primary Care Centres (PPCCs).

Sports Medicine

Tending to a patient's physical fitness and treatment while aiming to help with or prevent sports or physical activities related injuries.

Travel Medicines & Vaccination

Ensuring you get all the necessary travel medications and machinations mandatory for travel depending on the country you visit.

Consulting Specialists

Providing Specialist secondary care consultancy on different health-related matters to ensure patient satisfaction and find solutions to secondary care problems.

Allied Health Providers

Different allied health providers provide expert care, including dieticians, diabetes educators, podiatrists, psychologists, and physiotherapists. Read More >