Email and SMS

The use of email and short message services (SMS) are recognised as a useful tool for communication purposes. Practice staff are permitted to use the practice email accounts to send and receive business related material such as education updates, submitting Medicare provider number applications and communicating with other staff where appropriate. 

The use of the practice email account is for business communications only. 

Patient information will only be sent via e-mail if it is securely encrypted according to industry standards, practice policy and where the patient has consented to this mode of direct communication. Employees are reminded that the practice may become liable for the contents of any email message under certain circumstances. As such, a template email disclaimer will be inserted into the signature of all practice emails.


Protection against spam and theft of information

The practice utilises a spam filtering program and Bigfish Technology looks after all our IT.

Staff will need to exercise caution in email communication and are advised to:

  • Not open any email attachments or click on a link where the sender is not known. 
  • Not reply to spam mail.
  • Not to share email passwords.
  • Never try to unsubscribe from spam sites.
  • Remain vigilant: do not provide confidential information to an email (especially by return email) no matter how credible the sender’s email seems (for example, apparent emails from your bank). 
  • Be aware of phishing scams requesting logon or personal information (these may be via email or telephone).

Password maintenance

Each of our team members will have unique identification for all protected systems. 

Staff will not share passwords.Access will be by individual password only. 

  • Passwords will not be generic. 
  • Passwords will be private and not shared. 
  • Passwords cannot be re-used.

Password management

  • Only the Practice Principals/Practice Manager can reset passwords.
  • User identifications are archived or removed upon leaving the employment of the practice